2010-2011 Doctoral Colloquia

The doctoral colloquium is a student-run colloquium that enables graduate students to try out grant proposals, present dissertation chapters, give practice job talks, discuss issues of professional development, and hear visiting speakers. The colloquium usually meets on Mondays at 4:00-5:30pm in the Hagstrum Room (University Hall 201) on those Mondays when there is no scheduled Klopsteg lecture.

Meghan Roberts (History) coordinated meetings and events for 2010-11.

FALL 2010

October 18

Reading group:

  • Collins, H.M., and Robert Evans. 2002. "The Third Wave of Science Studies: Studies of Expertise and Experience." Social Studies of Science 32 (2): 235-296.
  • Jasanoff, Sheila. 2003. "Breaking the Waves in Science Studies: Comment on H.M. Collins and Robert Evans, 'The Third Wave of Science Studies.'" Social Studies of Science 33 (3): 389-400.
  • Epstein, Steven. Forthcoming. "Misguided Boundary Work in Studies of Expertise: Time to Return to the Evidence (Commentary on Collins, Weinel, and Evans, 'The Politics and Policy of the Third Wave: New Technologies and Society')." Critical Policy Studies.

Followed by planning session for the year.

November 1

Fellowship and grant proposals: Short presentations by Steve Epstein and Will Cavert, and pre-circulated drafts of proposals by Science Studies affiliated students.


January 10

Reading group: Katharine Park, Secrets of Women: Gender, Generation, and the Origins of Human Dissection (Zone Books: March 31, 2010)

February 7

Faculty panel on research methods (archives, interviews, quantitative research).

February 21

Syllabi preparation workshop

March 7

Dissertation workshop (discussion of pre-circulated chapter)


April 18

Reading group: Naomi Oreske and Eric Conway, Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming (Bloomsbury Press: May 25,2010)

May 9, 12:00-1:30 pm

Lunch session with Prof. Michael Lynch, Cornell University, editor of Social Studies of Science, to discuss journal publishing in the field of STS.