Current Graduate Students

Current Cluster Fellows and Research Fellows

Note that prior to 2009, graduate students admitted to SHC all entered through the History Department. Since then, the SHC program has expanded to welcome students through all the humanities and social science departments.

profile picKevin Baker | Cluster Fellow

(History, entered 2011) Kevin received a BA in History and Political Science and an MA in History from Georgia State University. He is interested in the interplay of the information sciences and projects for post-colonial development.

Advisor: Ken Alder

chernoh-bah-140xChernoh Bah | Graduate Affiliate

History - Entered 2017

Advisor: Helen Tilley

       ana diaz barriga  Ana Diaz Barriga | Cluster Fellow

(Theater and Drama, entered 2018)




profile picJessica Biddlestone | Graduate Affiliate

(History, entered 2015)

Advisor: Sarah Maza



profile picColin Bos | Cluster Fellow

(History, entered 2016) Colin Bos specializes in the history of medicine and West African intellectual history.

Advisor: Helen Tilley

profile pic

Beatrice Choi | Graduate Affiliate

(Rhetoric, entered 2012)

profile pic

Cecilio Cooper | Graduate Affiliate

(African American Studies, entered 2012)




Gil Engelstein 140x175Gil Engelstein | Graduate Affiliate

History - Entered 2017

Advisor: Deborah Cohen


Photo of Mallory FalinMallory Fallin | Cluster Fellow

(Sociology, entered 2015)

Advisor: Steven Epstein





iconDexter Fergie - Cluster Fellow


Advisor: Daniel Immerwahr


matthew-foreman-168x210-.jpgMatthew Foreman | Graduate Affiliate

(History, entered 2016). Matthew received a BA in History and Philosophy from the University of Hong Kong and an MSt in Global and Imperial History from Oxford. His interests lie at the intersection of knowledge production, the human sciencesand biopolitics.

Photo of Chelsea Fraizer

Chelsea Frazier  | Cluster Fellow

(African American Studies, entered 2013). Chelsea holds an MA from Purdue University in American Studies and a BA from Barnard College in Women’s Studies.

Advisor: Michelle Wright



claudia-garcia-rojas.jpgClaudia Garcia-Rojas | Graduate Affiliate

(African American Studies, entered 2015)

Claudia is a doctoral candidate in the department of African American studies completing a dissertation titled Blackness and the National Security Paradigm. Her research interests include Black social and political thought, security and surveillance studies,  continental philosophy, and intellectual histories of race and science. You can learn more about her scholarship here:


livia-garofalo---135x210.jpgLivia Garofalo | Graduate Affiliate

(Anthropology, entered 2014)

Livia is a PhD/MPH candidate in the Department of Anthropology and has a BS and MA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Bologna, Italy. Her dissertation research examines how lay and expert framings risk, culpability, and brain health converge in the understanding and care of Traumatic Brain Injury in public health in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Advisor: Rebecca Seligman __________________________________________________________________________________________

Prince Grace


Prince Grace | Cluster Fellow

(Sociology, entered 2018)

Advisor: Steve Epstein

photo of guistiJoseph Guisti | Cluster Fellow

(Sociology, entered 2010). Joseph has a BA from UCLA, where he majored in Sociology with a minor in Society and Genetics. Joseph’s interests include the sociology of knowledge, addiction, the sociology of health and illness, and organizations and institutions.

Advisor: Carol Heimer


profile picMelanie Hall | Graduate Affiliate

(History, entered 2015)



 profile picAustin Jenkins | Cluster Fellow

(Sociology, entered 2016) Austin holds a B.S. in the sociology of law, criminology, and deviance from the University of Minnesota. He is interested in the development of disease notions of addiction in the American nineteenth century and their reconfiguration in contemporary forms of legally-coerced substance abuse treatment.

Advisor: Carol Heimer

photo of jonesE. Bennett Jones | Cluster Fellow

(History, entered 2014). Bennett received a BFA in fiber and material studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as well as an MA in museum studies from the University of Florida. Her interests include natural history, visual culture, and animal studies. 

Advisors: Susan Pearson and Lydia Barnett 

norman-joshua-140xNorman Joshua | Graduate Affiliate

History - Entered 2017

Advisor: Haydon Cherry

Andrew Kim Andrew Kim | Graduate Affiliate

(Anthropology, entered 2018) Andrew Kim received a B.S. in Anthropology & Human Biology from Emory University in 2015. His interests include human biology, global mental health, developmental origins of health and disease, cross-cultural psychiatry and critical medical anthropology.

Advisor: Christopher Kuzawa


graduate-leveton-168x210.jpgJacob Henry Leveton | Graduate Affiliate

Art History - Global Modern and Contemporary





youjia-li-140xYouJia Li | Graduate Affiliate

History - Entered 2017

Advisor: Amy Stanley

katya-maslakowski 140x170Katya Ann Maslakowski | Graduate Affiliate

History - Entered 2017

Advisor: Deborah Cohen






profile pic

Jessica Meyer | Graduate Affiliate

(Sociology, entered 2012)

profile picSaheli Nath | Graduate Affiliate

(Sociology, entered 2013)


Jayson Maurice Porter | Graduate Affiliate

History - Entered 2017

Advisor: Paul Gillingham

 profile picSandra Racek | Cluster Fellow

(Art History, entered 2014). Sandra received her MA from University College London in the History of Art and a BA from Fordham University. She is interested in medical imagery form the early modern period in Europe.

Advisor: Claudia Swan

photo of rayzbergMargarita Rayzberg  | Cluster Fellow

(Sociology, entered 2010). Margarita has a BS in International Business from Northeastern University and an MA in Communication, Culture, and Technology from Georgetown. Her work unites science and technology studies with the sociology of markets.

Advisor: Steven Epstein


Kaelin-Rapport-140x.jpgKaelin Rapport | Graduate Affiliate

Cultural Anthropology

Advisor: Adia Benton



profile picBenjamin Riggs | Cluster Fellow

(Screen Cultures, entered 2016). Ben earned a BA in Media Arts at the University of New Mexico and an MA in Communication and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. A former high school science teacher, he is interested in playful experiences with science across different media, particularly narrative entertainment media, and the formation of youth science cultures.

Advisor: Jake Smith

profile picChristopher Robertson | Graduate Affiliate

(Sociology, entered 2013)

profile picThomas Rousse  | Cluster Fellow

(MTS and Law School, entered 2013). Tommy earned a MA in Media, Technology, and Games at the University of Copenhagen, and a BA from Northwestern University in American Studies. He is studying mass media network technology as refracted through the American legal system.






Talia-Shabtay-140x.jpgTalia Shabtay | Graduate Affiliate

Art History





icon McKenzie Stupica | Cluster Fellow

Art History




syvertsen-adam 140 Adam Syversten | Cluster Fellow




photo of tolmanArielle Tolman  | Cluster Fellow

(Sociology and Law School, entered 2013). Ari received a BA from Wesleyan in Sociology and Neuroscience, and has more recently conducted research for the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Advisor: Carol Heimer

photo of tubiOmri Tubi  | Cluster Fellow

(Sociology, entered 2015)

Advisor: Wendy Espeland

Photo of Rachel WallnerRachel Wallner  | Cluster Fellow

(History, entered 2015). Rachel studies discourse on science and the formation of academic disciplines in twentieth-century China.  Her research currently focuses on the politics of Chinese geographic knowledge production during the Second World War.

Advisor: Peter Carroll

guangshuo-yang-140xGuangshuo Yang | Graduate Affiliate

History - Entered 2017

photo of yungVincent Yung  | Cluster Fellow

(Sociology, entered 2012) received a BA in Sociology and BS in Genetics and Plant Biology from UC Berkeley. His interests lie at the intersection of laboratory research, knowledge commodification, and higher education.

Advisor: Jeremy Freese