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Student Opportunities


Each year SHC’s director, in consultation with faculty affiliates, selects two of its adjunct majors to serve as its representatives on Weinberg College’s student advisory board (SAB). In addition, if there is sufficient interest, SHC’s director also selects a program chair to help coordinate events during the year for interested undergraduates.

Student Advisory Board Representatives

2018-19: Ashorne Mahenthiran (2019) and Christina Shehata (2019)

2017-18: Mariel Soto Reyes and Shan Chen Pu
2016-17: Jordan Villanueva and Rui Zhou
2015-16: Emma Svoboda, Ariella Hoffman-Peterson, and Monica Cheng (program chair)
2014-15: Anna Cassell and Didi Stephanie Odinkemelu
2013-14: Anna Cassell and Chloe Woodhouse
2012-13: Amy Magnum and Chloe Woodhouse
2011-12: Victoria King and Kellie Perkins
2010-11: Victoria King and Kellie Perkins
2009-10: Kellie Perkins

Study Abroad and Work Experience

SHC also encourages its students to take advantage of study abroad opportunities, especially those programs related to science, medicine, and the environment. It also supports internship opportunities with Northwestern’s Chicago Field Studies, especially the existing program in “Public Health” and the new program, “Environment, Science, and Sustainability.” Credit toward the adjunct major or minor will be decided on a case by case basis by SHC’s director.

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