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Adjunct Major

Adjunct Major (10 units)

The SHC program offers an adjunct major, meaning that students who major in SHC must also fulfill the requirements of a departmental major. In consultation with the SHC director, students in the adjunct major develop a theme based on their particular interests. They then take 10 courses that match their interests, selected from the list of approved courses.

List One List Two
Hist 275-1 - History of Early Modern Science and Medicine Hum 220 - Health, Biomedicine, Culture, and Society (co-listed as Sociol 220; offered in 2009 and 2010 as Hum 260)
Hist 275-2 - History of Modern Science and Medicine Phil 268 - Ethics and the Environment
Hist 325 - History of American Technology Phil 269 - Bioethics
Hist 377 - History of American Medicine Phil 326 - Philosophy of Medicine
Hist 378 - History of Law and Science Sociol 220 - Health, Biomedicine, Culture, and Society (co-listed as Hum 220; offered in 2009 as Sociol 205 and in 2010 as Sociol 276)
Hist 379 - Biomedicine and World History Sociol 319 - Sociology of Science

Honors (12 units; i.e.: 9 courses, plus the three-quarter honors seminar)

Students enrolled in the SHC adjunct major may pursue honors. To do so, they must take 9 SHC courses and then write a senior thesis of high quality while taking the 3-quarter Honors Seminar SHC 398-1,2,3. Application to SHC 398 should be made in May of their junior year when the student supplies the SHC director with 1) a research proposal, 2) the consent of a faculty advisor interested in working with the student, and 3) a transcript indicating a GPA of 3.5 or greater both overall and within SHC. Students who complete their thesis with distinction may then be recommended for honors on the vote of the director of SHC, the student’s faculty advisor, and one other designated SHC faculty member. The final awarding of honors is made by the Committee on Honors of WCAS.

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